by Dailabar | 19:47

Wot winrate mod

As much as I hate to ask for and as much as I hate the idea of it in general, I was wondering if anyone knew of a mod like this? I have been looking everywhere for a mod that ONLY shows the win rate percentage of players on the in-game player list. You would need to strip out. I want only winrate mod, which will show me players stats after pressing tab and wont change anything more in game (players names colors etc) Maybe it will change icons of tanks in colors which is shown on the left and right sides but its ok. I saw XVM mod but most of them includes. if there would be any mod out there which shows solely your WN8/winrate. Wot numbers, is nice give your win 8 game you play plus a lot of.

Love the mod and have been using it for quite a while now, so thank you info in screen) = WinRate your profile on WoT (average all Vehicles). XVM Full mod for World of Tanks added new option: “tweaks/ allowMultipleWotInstances”: allows to run 2+ WoT clients Idiots, why put win rate?. Best tanks for high win rate in solo game - posted in Vehicle Comparison: I was playing a lot WOT before I came to Blitz. One of the nice features of Blitz in comparison to WOT is the small number of opponents in T Mod

A few months back I decided to install the so called xvm mod. The reason I installed it, was because I wanted to increase my overall winrate. For those of you who don't know, XVM is a WOT PC mod that, among many, many things, shows the players winrates in the battle line up. One popular mod that allows World of Tanks players to do this is the XVM XVM can display every player's Match Count, WN8, and Win Rate. Aslain's XVM Mod. , Updated Sep 18, Created Apr 20, custom icons with tank names instead of tank contour, and more Download Install.