What is ISTRiON BOX?

ISTRION BOX is a Portuguese technology startup that works in the Optimization of the translation process by creating translation engines adapted to clients needs,
by creating translation memories, by extracting monolingual and bilingual terminologies, by building Concordances to make easier human translation, post-editing and correlated tasks, by signaling translation errors and suggesting alternate solutions in close cooperation with pos-editors as post-edition progresses while learning from this interaction. Our engines never forget any correction. They are not always learning from scratch.

ISTRION BOX incorporates all results of the research carried out in the area of Machine Translation, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing,
in the old research centres CENTRIA and CITI and in the newly created Research Laboratory NOVA LINKS, at NOVA FCT. In this sense, ISTRION BOX is mostly interested in maintaing and creating old/new reasearch/teaching partnerships, aiming to support both applied research, education and the production of intelligent tools for translation for fulfilling our clients needs.

ISTRION BOX is happy to demonstrate their technologies, and to learn from our customers and partners.
Please contact us. If you wish to establish any kind of partnership with ISTRION BOX .