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Ronald no yabou takarai saki

Title: Ronald no Yabou ロナルドの野望 我的超S上司 羅納魯德的野心. Ronald's Ambition. Chapter: 1. Author: TAKARAI Saki. Language: English. ロナルドの野望 [Ronald no Yabou] has 18 ratings and 2 reviews. Baby said: Hi FRiend!This story's like cotton candy: sweet, light and kinda empty. It's a quick. Original name: Ronald no Yabou Manga ALT. names: ロナルドの野望 羅納魯德的野心 Ronald's Ambition.

Ronald no Yabou One day, when Ronald goes to deliver a package to the captain's office, he's struck by the image of his superior smiling in TAKARAI Saki. Welcome to r/Yaoi! A fun community dedicated to the appreciation, love and ( more often than not) unhealthy obsession of all things Yaoi!. Ronald no Yabou by Takarai Saki. Genre: Comedy, Yaoi. Summary: Private Ronald endures rigorous training by the camp 's most handsome.

Alternative: Ronald's Ambition; Author(s): Takarai Saki,; Status: Completed; Last Vol.1 chapter 3: Ronald no Yabou 3 3, RONALD NO YABOU Manga - Read RONALD NO YABOU chapters online for free Alternative(s): ロナルドの野望 ; Ronald's Ambition. Author(s): Takarai Saki. [TAKARAI Saki] Ronald no Yabou (Ronald's Ambition) [Eng]. October 18, To Comments. Filed Under: Yaoi Manga Language: English Genres: Comedy. 21 Dec.