by Kern | 14:37

Quakeworld frogbot

I've played these bots since and have done so for a very long time. I'd like to frag those bots again, however, they don't work with. The author of the most popular computer opponent in QuakeWorld, Robert 'Frog' Field, has agreed to release his Frogbot mod as an open source under the GPL. msg= command in normal Quake, and msg command in Quakeworld now. works. .. I have done a Quakeworld version of the Frogbot mod for people who.

7 Mar - 12 min - Uploaded by Gaming Movie Database - Submitted by trifilinux Rendered at x @ 30fps Demo filename: me4ef8. dem Created. A Quake engine may also be able to act as a QuakeWorld client or server. . Frogbot Clan Arena is a modification of the original Frogbot by. The Frogbot can currently play deathmatch and teamplay. A QuakeWorld port is also available. Early Frogbot physics code is available from

There is another site with a lot of Frogbot resources, Parboil's website, he is still working on the Frogbot Clan Arena. If you've had trouble with a mirrored copy of the point release downloaded from here, There's a demo on Inside 3D of a beta of the FrogBot, a new client bot in. QuakeWorld server mod .. Apparently fixing CA for bunnyhops isnt quite as easy as other mods like ctf, frogbot etc (adding the extra line of.