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Navisphere initialization utility

I have just inherited an EMC AXi and i need to change the management ip's and I do not have the original disks to install the utility. Does. Navisphere Storage System Initialization Tool. Navisphere Server Utility SSRPP based on EMC AX* Technology SnapView utility. For AX4 initialization i still use the older Navisphere Storage System management port and have to use the unisphere initialization utility.

EMC Navisphere Manager Administrator's Guide ii. Copyright Navisphere Storage-System Initialization Utility . Navisphere Server Utility. For CX-series storage systems, use the utility to discover storage systems, and set network parameters (IP address, subnet mask, and default. EMC CLARiiON Manual Online: Installing The Navisphere Initialization Utility, Preparing For Initialization Utility on at least one server attached to a CX-Series .

From Navisphere Express, an administrator can quickly create a new volume and The Navisphere Initialization Utility, a wizard from EMC, automatically found. Installing the Navisphere Storage System Initialization Utility on a Solaris server Download the most recent version from the software download page on the. EMC CLARiiON User Manual • About emc navisphere software, Navisphere storage system initialization utility, About emc navisphere software -2 • EMC. The Navisphere Storage System Initialization Utility is supported for both AX- Series and CX-Series storage systems. It lets you discover storage.