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Texa axone

To develop the AXONE Nemo, TEXA drew on its vast experience as the trusted partner of tens of thousands of workshops and tried to imagine how the. AXONE 5 is the new display unit designed by TEXA for all the diagnostic operations on the vehicles belonging to the CAR and BIKE environments. NEW AXONE S. Technicians are no longer alone in needing a multi-brand diagnostic tool to dialogue with electronic control units. Diagnostic tools are rapidly.

New extraordinary inch high-definition diagnostics tool designed to operate in "hostile" environments. It is supplied with: water. Unique among diagnostic tools, the AXONE. Nemo is fully waterproof and even floats, thanks to TEXA's internationally patented technology. Special production. Texa Axone Nemo Truck Commercial Package. Texa diagnostic truck software is renowned to be the best on the market and therefore this package will offer you.