by Gajar | 07:31

Quake 2 psp port

McZonk the winner of the 2nd PSP 30 Day Coding Competition has released a new version of his Quake 2 port to the PSP, heres the details. It appears to be Quake II for PSP by Crow_bar, [] (is this version http:// Here is the psp. Rehbock, the friendly guy making the test maps for me has loaded the map boss2 “Final Showdown” in Quake II. He is testing my port the whole.

Quake II has been ported to the Sony PSP. and it contains countermeasures to stop "homebrew" programs like the Quake II port from running. Also, he has modified jurajstyk's Quake 1 port to support lots of great features ( most of them improve GU graphics), and his Hexen 2 PSP port. Download PSP Quake for free. A port of id Software's Quake to the Sony PSP.

After his Quake1 Port to Vita Rinnegatamante is back at it again and ported Quake2 to our beloved Vita (Where is Quake3 ;P). This Port already.