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Microsoft msi creator

Do you guys know Any MSI PACKAGE creator software which is very easier to use and always works best with SCCM for application. You can create an MSI package by using a Visual Studio Setup project and then using ORCA to edit the properties of your MSI package. You need to edit the MSI package properties so that you can add the WHSLogo property. Step 1: Add a Visual Studio Setup project to your solution. The recommended method for generating a patch package is to use a patch creation tool such as with Msistuff.

Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS). If you love Here is a short list of some of my favorite features of this MSI package creator: Ability to. EMCO MSI Package Builder allows you to create MSI packages using an easy approach. Convert EXE to MSI and build packages for unattended installation. MSI (Microsoft Installer) is, meanwhile, the de-facto standard for installing Windows programs. It is advisable to only use this format in order to.

Extension for Visual Studio - This official Microsoft extension provides the MSI creation failed with the error "No such interface supported". I was wondering if anyone knows of a good free piece of software to package multiple installs into a single MSI? I found EMCO MSI Package. I found one that i used a few years ago whilst searching about called "orca" from a microsoft SDK too, will try the suggestions you've given me to find the simplest. This is fine if you are deploying a Microsoft application, but not all companies You will use the snapshot you create with the MSI creation software in the diffing .