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Mule mmc.war

The link "Download Mule Management Console (MMC)" redirects to That said here is a link to a mule runtime/mmc bundle used for training. The production version of MMC is packaged as file designed to run in an application server or container, such as Tcat Server, Apache Tomcat, or JBoss. Learn how to set up Mule Management Console, a monitoring tool. The MMC console application comes as a WAR file that can be deployed.

However, I encountered some difficulties while downloading and setting up the Mule Enterprise Runtime with MMC (Mule Management. 30 Mar - 9 min - Uploaded by Right Code Here I show how to setup MMC and register Mule runtime to MMC download Muleruntime. The Mule Management Console is a Web app designed to run in an application server, such as Apache Tomcat, and usually is packaged in file.

Tutorial to Quickly and Effectively Standup MuleSoft's Mule Management Console (MMC) as a Windows Service - (Tomcat as a Service). Package your Mule application's configuration files and custom Java classes in a .war file (mmc-consolewar) 2. Copy your application's. MMC console application comes as a war file which can be deployed in supported application servers. I will be using Tomcat server to deploy. First of all, you should use the Mule Standalone, if you can. package all the Mule dependencies into the application war with Maven, and not.