Since the end of 2013, the ISTRION BOX has been conducting visits to National Universities with translation courses. Being ISTRION BOX the result of multiple activities of Research and Development, ISTRION BOX has every interest in keeping itself connected to these activities by creating partnerships, aimed at the Research and Education.

From these visits, some of the results were agreements made between ISTRION BOX and those responsible for the disciplines of translation and related subjects.
These agreements allowed ISTRION BOX to explain the fundamentals of the technologies used and developed by ISTRION BOX (generation of adapted translation systems to the tasks to perform, post-editing with ISTRION BOX tools, Translation Memories mining, monolingual and bilingual terminologies and related matters ). Allowing students from this courses to use the available technologies, making the linguistic knowledge of the various components of our toolbox to evolve, and also enabling them to work in masters and doctoral theses in an industrial environment. All this activity is free and is not limited to the scope of curricular activities.

ISTRION BOX is happy to demonstrate our technologies, and to learn from our customers and partners. If you pretend to establish a partnership with the ISTRION BOX contact us .